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Aged Care Advice

Thinking about Aged Care is becoming a part of life as we live longer, and we either need care ourselves or have to think about elderly relatives. There's so much to consider and often so little time.

As specialist advisors to the Aged Care Industry we can help you work through the issues and discuss the hard questions, such as:

  • Do you, or your elderly parents, need ongoing care?
  • What level of care is needed, and who will provide that care?
  • Will the care be provided at home, or will a place be required in a hostel or nursing home?
  • Do you understand the costs, and how to minimise them?
  • How will you pay for the care?

Our advisers, Marcus Robertson and Jeff de Rooy will work with you & your family to assess your situation taking into account the following;

  • Maximise your government benefits
  • Improve cash flow arrangements
  • Structure your finances for the future
  • Preserve your capital
  • Maintain your quality of life

We will help to put in place a strategy to ensure that care is affordable now and into the future.

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