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Self Managed Superannuation Funds

For an ever increasing number of Australian's looking for greater control and value from their superannuation, the Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) appears to be becoming the retirement vehicle of choice. There are now more than 400,000 funds in existence, with the value of assets residing in these vehicles currently standing at close to $350 billion and rising fast.

Reasons for setting up a SMSF include:

Control - The fund assets are controlled by the Trustees who are also the members. The Trustees have responsibility for all decisions.

Family Fund - Up to four members of your family can participate in the fund and take advantage of the potential benefits available to SMSFs.

Income in Retirement - A Self Managed Super Fund offers flexible options for taking your benefits in retirement, where benefits can be taken as a lump sum or pension.

Investment Choice - The Trustees have absolute discretion with respect to the choice and mode of investment.

Taxation - A self-managed superannuation fund enjoys a preferential rate of tax in Australia. The fund pays a maximum rate of tax of 15% and may be reduced by offsetting other tax credits.

Fees - The self-managed superannuation fund fee structure may deliver substantial savings when compared with other retail superannuation funds.

Flexibility - Trustees have the flexibility to make decisions with respect to changing market movements and options for retirement income streams.

Creditor Protection - A member's fund assets are normally protected from creditors in the event of bankruptcy.

At Robertson deRooy & Associates all of our advisers are accredited SMSF specialists and we work with you to ensure that you maximize all of the benefits of having a SMSF.

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